jpg.8.8Since the company’s establishment in 1973, MAPEKO has developed into a leading manufacturer of industrial heaters and offers pioneering solutions to steel plants and foundries. To date, more than 1500 MAPEKO-systems with different tasks and designs are in operation worldwide.

The company’s corporate philosophy is based on respect for cooperation, trust and communication, which makes it possible to develop and produce customized solutions from a single source.

Exceptional quality, revolutionized fuel efficiency, less emissions, maximum availability, easy operation, advanced technology and a profound understanding of problems that might occur during drying and preheating processes, are the hallmarks of our heaters.


  • Heat & Dry
    • Vertical ladle preheaters
    • Vertical ladle preheater with housing
    • Horizontal ladle preheater
    • Tundish preheater
    • Torpedo heater
    • Converter heater
    • Blast furnace runner heater
  • Special solutions
    • Scrap dryer
    • Blow and burn lances
    • (sen) Sub emerged nozzle heating
    • (tas) Thermal post combustion heating
    • Electrode dryers
    • Heating and drying furnaces
    • Flare stack burners

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