About us


Over the last 35 years we have established not only good but also friendly contacts with the companies in the most important fields of Egyptian Heavy Industry focussing mainly on Cement, Steel and Cable industries.

Together with our suppliers, we find solutions for Egyptian companies. We consider ourselves to be partners to our customers in all situations and we want to be the eyes and ears of our suppliers in the Egyptian market.

Having worked for ESSO for 14 years, reaching the position of industrial sales manager for Egypt, Sudan and Libya, i decided at the beginning of 80’s to establish my own company.

As Egyptian Heavy Industry prospered over the years, so my company grew to become a healthy, middle-class family concern. Today, we employ 25 engineers, salesman and office staff.

We are proud and gratified to have remained a healthy organization, despite sometimes very difficult economical conditions.

Flexibility and communication are our main distinction. We work with all the most modern communication media available and all our staff are multilingual.

if you found our website interesting, we should be please to hear from you.

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