Stopinc AG, based in Hünenberg, Switzerland, belongs to the RHI MAGNESITA, a world market leader in refractories.

Stopinc AG, founded in 1966, is an engineering and trading company and among the world leading supplier of Flow Control Technology which sets market standards under the trademark INTERSTOP for the control of molten metal in the steel and non ferrous industry.

Stopinc AG is among the founders of the slide gate technology. This technology is used from the furnaces to the moulds of the continuous casting process and demonstrates significant quality improvements in the steel and non ferrous production. Technological leadership has always been the company’s commitment and the base for true partnership.

INTERSTOP Slide Gate Systems are in operation on all continents and the company’s global presence fulfils the need of an overall support wherever the customers are located.

Stopinc AG, a global leader in Flow Control Technology for steel making industry, offers tailor made solutions for all kind of steel casting applications.

Flow control systems:

  • Converter gates
  • Ladle gates
  • Tundish gates
  • Stopper control for ladle and tundish
  • Monotube changer
  • Metering nozzle changer