About Almici SpA:


Carpenteria Meccanica Almici Spa founded in 1958, it is well-known and recognized as a leader among the manufacturers of heavy and special lifting equipment.

In the heavy lifting equipment sector, Almici SpA offer a complete range of machines, with lifting capacity varying from 1t to more than 500 t.

Our cranes designs follow the most rigid FEM, DIN, CMMA, AISE classification standards and the MACHINE DIRECTIVE for the CE mark.

All components: structures, wheels, gear boxes, electrical cubicles and so on are produced in our factory, reaching a degree of flexibility that permit the personalization of the machines according to the different needs of our customers and so guaranteeing a constant level of quality during each stage of production.

Our production In lifting :

  • Scrap yard cranes
  • Charging cranes
  • Teeming cranes
  • Billet handling cranes with magnets or tongs
  • Slab handling cranes
  • Coil handling cranes
  • Rolling mill cranes
  • Forging cranes
  • Fully automatic cranes
  • Gantry cranes
  • Jib cranes
  • Bracket cranes
  • Special cranes

Our production for steel industry:

  • Scrap buckets
  • Hot metal ladles
  • Ladle transfer cars
  • Furnace structures
  • Lifting beams
  • Special equipment

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