SIKORA Started with measuring devices for the industrial production of wires and cables, we have been developing ourselves and our technologies for more than 40 years. As a leading company for measuring and control technology as well as for inspection, analysis and sorting systems and as a Hidden Champion of the German medium-sized companies, we set standards for quality assurance, process optimization and cost savings in many industries with our innovative solutions.

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More than 250 employees of the family business SIKORA with headquarters in Bremen/Germany, our local representatives and international offices ensure quality assurance and efficiency – with customized customer service.

Listening to the market and with pioneer spirit, great perfection and enthusiasm, our experts research and develop revolutionary innovations for most economical production processes. Our success can be measured – especially by the success of our customers.



The capacity measuring device CAPACITANCE 2000 is installed in the cooling trough and measures online precisely the capacitance of the wire insulation and reliably detects bare patches. Furthermore, the system recognizes periodical capacitance changes and determines the Structural Return Loss (SRL).

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thumb_Produkt-Centerview8025_ohne-Sticker-768x768The CENTERVIEW 8000 offers a non-contact and continuous online measurement of LAN or coaxial cables as well as automotive and installation cables, due to the unique 8-point-eccentricity, 4-axes-diameter and 8-point-ovality measurement with highest measuring accuracy.

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Produkt-Display2000_hellDISPLAY 2000

The DISPLAY 2000 is a device for the visualization of measuring values – for example of the SIKORA diameter measuring devices of the LASER Series 2000/6000.

The five-digit, digital display is configurable and shows, in combination with the LASER measuring devices, optionally the diameter, x, y of the mean value or the ovality. It can either be directly mounted at the gauge head or installed at any distance and offers a serial interface.

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Thumbnail_ECO_weißThe ECOCONTROL processor systems convince with their fascinating performance. On 22″, 15″ and 8″ TFT color monitors with touchscreen operation the measuring values of the connected measuring devices are clearly presented numerically and graphically.

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Produkt-Laser2100XY-Traeger-768x768LASER Series 2000

Highest precision, reliability and continuous functionality are the outstanding features of the 2-axis and 3-axis gauge heads of the LASER Series 2000 for extruded products with a diameter from 0.05 to 500 mm.

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thumb_Produkt-Laser6020XY-768x768LASER Series 6000

The LASER Series 6000 combines industrial design with highest precision and reliability. The high-end diameter measuring devices measure opaque as well as transparent stranded products and reliably detect lumps and neckdowns.

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LUMP 2000

thumb_Produkt-Lump2035T-Traeger-768x768With the LUMP Series 2000, SIKORA offers a spectacular measuring technology for the detection of lumps and neckdowns in two or three measuring planes.

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thumb_Produkt-Preheater6000-768x768PREHEATER 6000 TC

In order to guarantee an optimum adhesion respectively a controlled foaming on the conductor, a reliable conductor preheating at the manufacture of high-quality cables, specifically automotive and data cables, is essential. Repeatable processes are the result that contributes to the increase of quality and productivity.

The PREHEATER 6000 TC (Temperature Controlled) is the innovative solution for a precise preheating of the conductor.

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Developed for the different requirements of the Compound-, Masterbatch- and Recycling Industries the innovative, modular PURITY CONCEPT Systems from SIKORA promise highest material quality and stable processes.

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Produkt-Remote2000-ON-1-768x767The REMOTE 2000 is the standard display and control device and universally applicable for all SIKORA diameter measurement devices (LASER Series 2000/6000) as well as the LUMP 2000, SPARK 2000/6000 and CAPACITANCE 2000.

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SPARK 2000 / 6000

thumb_Produkt-Spark6030-768x768At the extrusion of wires and cables, their insulation is inspected by spark testers (high voltage spark testers) and possible insulation faults are detected and documented at an early stage. For the testing, the dry cable runs through the sturdy electrode of the spark tester where the cable insulation is exposed to the selected test voltage and faults in the insulation are reliably detected.

According to the various applications, SIKORA offers Direct Current (DC), High-Frequency (HF) and Alternating Current (AC) spark testers.

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thumb_Produkt-Ultratemp6000-Front2-2-768x768The ULTRATEMP 6000 is an ultrasonic temperature measuring device for the reliable non-contact measurement of polyethylene melts in demanding and temperature sensitive extrusion processes. Furthermore, the system detects inhomogeneities in the melt.

Typical application of the ULTRATEMP 6000 is the measurement of the XLPE melt temperature for HV cables or the material temperature in hose and tube extrusion lines.

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thumb_Produkt-WireTemp6000-768x768The WIRE-TEMP 6000 is a system for the precise online measurement of the conductor temperature, which continuously and contactless measures the conductor temperature independent of external influences and before the conductor enters the extruder. Therefore, the device ensures repeatable production processes.

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X-RAY 6000 / X-RAY 6000 PRO

thumb_Produkt-XRay6000-768x768For the continuous quality control in hose and tube extrusion lines or directly during the insulation respectively jacketing process of wires and cables, the X-ray measuring devices X-RAY 6000 as well as X-RAY 6000 PRO are recommended. Both systems provide precise and reliable measuring values regarding diameter, wall thickness, concentricity as well as ovality and allow to keep the required product specifications.

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thumb_Produkt-XRay8000-768x768The X-RAY 8000 NXT is a proven tool that became globally an industrial standard for quality control at the production of medium, high and extra-high voltage cables in CCV, VCV and MDCV lines. It convinces by precise and reliable measurements of concentricity, wall thickness, diameter and ovality as well as by controlling cables with up to three layers. Today there are more than 1,000 X-RAY 8000 systems at customer locations worldwide assuring online quality control.

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