Crusher, Kiln, Gear and Grinding Technology


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About Judith Industrial:

Judith Industrial GmbH & CO. KG is an industrial solution provider with engineering, trading and export competences.Judith deliver the original spare parts from the manufacturers including the original packing.These spare parts are originated from the official supplier and also packed by these suppliers.Judith replace spare parts and equipments in the industrial plants according to their existing dimensions by independent manufacturers.

These components are engineered after a comprehensive on-site visit by experienced engineers and are manufactured as per the latest technological standards.Our customers can benefit from the engineering and manufacturing know-how of German technology leaders of industrial components.

Judith Offers the following:

  • Crushing Technology:
    • Impact Crusher
    • Hammer Mill
    • Rotors For Clinker and Limestone Crusher
    • Roller Press
    • Roller Press Surface Wear Solutions
    • Jaw Crusher
  • Kiln Parts:
    • Spring Plate Sealing
    • Pneumatic Sealing
    • Pull-Rope Sealing
    • Kiln Nose Ring
    • Refractory Parts
    • Kiln Shell Section
    • Kiln Inlet Sealing
    • Kiln Outlet Sealing
    • Complete Kiln Hood
    • Bearing Stations
    • Tyres / Supporting Roller
    • Cylinders
    • Supporting Stations
    • Grate Plates
  • Grinding Process Technology:
    • Ball Mill Solutions
    • Sliding Bearings
    • Mill Diaphragm
    • Mill Shell Linings
    • Mill Joints and Water Spray Systems
  • Gear Technology:
    • Girth Gear For Mills And Kilns
    • Pinions For Mills And Kilns
    • Central Drives
    • Chain Drives
    • Gear Boxes

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